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Rubberducking is a way of solving problems simply by explaining them to others. Something freelance creatives find difficult as they lack colleagues.

We are trying to change that.

This is our plan

Face2face feedback
Chatroulette meets dribbble. Without the likes, the egos and the dickpicks.
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Social feed
Think instagram, but only with drafts of digital design. And it’s all anonymous.
Summer '22
Figma integration
Seamlessly post your drafts and allow others to enter, optimize and submit suggestions.
Fall '22

Breakdown of v1.0

Step 1
Create a feedback session
Describe your problem to inform other users what you’re dealing with.
Step 2
Answer when called
Keep working until another creative enters your feedback room.
Step 3
Talk it out
Explain your work with your own words, get fresh perspectives and connect with a fellow.

“It’s amazing to have colleagues even though I work alone”

My biggest issue of freelancing was that my development decreased rapidly - I simply didn’t get the small feedback which made me a better project manager. Through Rubberduck I’ve gotten a cool team from all over the world who share my problem and we now use each other daily for feedback along with the occasional coffee chit chat...

Freelance UX designer

This is what we hope you'll get

Personal development

Learn how others would tackle your situation and grow yourself. The miyagi way.

Your network is your net worth

Grow your network to strengthen your ability to deliver and chances of getting hired.

Fresh perspectives

Changing perspective allows for new thoughts. Your know what we mean.

Practice presenting your work

Go through your presentations to find your own mistakes and receive some friendly fire.

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